What is Detailing?

Detailing is the systematic cleaning, reconditioning, protection, and rejuvenation of your vehicle. An auto detailer goes beyond what the average car owner can do, using a combination of science, and elbow grease. Since we use special equipment, chemicals, and procedures to clean your vehicle, professional detailing is far more efficient than what most people can do at home.

Why should I detail my car?

Firstly, it saves you time, once your car is professionally detailed the finish will be much easier to maintain and often all you will need to do is watch the dirt just slide off the shiny paintwork. Also, throughout the winter months it is most beneficial to protect your cars paintwork from the winter elements and ensure it stays as it was when it came out of the showroom. Also, a regularly detailed car can have a better resale value as it will show how cared for the vehicle has been.

How Often Should I Detail My Vehicle?

I would recommend every 2-3 months as the wax protection wears off in this time, detailing your vehicle every 2-3 months alongside normal washing routines ensures that the vehicles paint remains looking pristine. Also, stains that are in the upholstery are often easier to remove the fresher they are, we also apply some protectant to the upholstery so that if spills happen in the future they are easier to clean up and are not absorbed directly into material.

Why Should I avoid Using A conventional sponge to clean my car?

Whilst sponges have been used for years they are not recommended to clean your cars precious paintwork, the main reason for this is that the sponge has a very flat surface so whilst washing the car there is a danger that the sponge would pick up loose stones or dirt off the vehicle and then effectively you would simply be scratching and damaging the paintwork. Most Detailers use either a conventional mitt or one made out of lambs wool to prevent this.

Do I need to supply my own water and electricity?

No, we carry our own water and electricity onboard our vans so no need to supply us with either.

Why should I use Spotless Valeting?

Just ask any of our existing customers, the care and consideration we show to you and your vehicle is unmatched, we value every single customer from a Ford Fiesta to a Ferrari, we want everyone to be able to benefit from our service! We use the best products available in the trade from Autoglym, Meguiars, Dodo Juice and Poorboys amongst others.